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We offer a comprehensive Veterinary Dermatology Specialty Service which encompasses anything dermatological.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Allergies − Allergies in the dog and cat can cause increased itching and scratching, making them very uncomfortable. Many times there are concurrent ear and skin infections further increasing their discomfort. We will address these at your appointments.
  • Intradermal Allergy Skin Testing − Once a diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis (Inhaled allergies) has been made, intradermal allergy skin testing is the “gold Standard” we use to identify allergens to which your pet is allergic.

    skin test

  • Immunotherapy − Using the results from the allergy test, we can formulate a "vaccine" or immunotherapy. These are "allergy shots" that you give your pet to diminish or prevent the allergic symptoms. The shots are given with a very small needle under the skin.
  • Endocrinal Diseases − These are hormonal skin diseases causing hair loss; normally your pet is not particularly itchy.
  • Ectoparasitic Conditions − These are parasitic skin conditions that may or may not cause increased itchiness, depending on the parasite. Some are zoonotic (diseases transmitted between man and animals).
  • Immune Mediated Diseases − Diseases where the immune system attacks your pet’s body, they can cause devastating dermatological effects, and even death.

    dog allergy

  • Cryosurgery − The use of liquid nitrogen to freeze skin tumors.
  • Dermatophytosis − Fungal infections that can be easily transmitted to man and other animals, and can be zoonotic.


An estimate of fees for diagnostic, laboratory tests, treatment and medications will be provided after your pet is examined. The fees for all services are due and payable at the completion of the office visit. For your convenience, cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and CareCredit are accepted for payment. If you do not have a CareCredit card and wish to use it, please visit CareCredit to apply for one prior to your first visit.