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Please read testimonials from our clients below. Have a great visit? Please write a review, send us an email and we will include it on our website. If you wish, please also write a review on our Google Places page!

Monica and “Colt”, a Black Labrador Retriever seen for four years for treatment of severe allergies (Atopic Dermatitis):

“Thank you for taking such good care of Colt. I highly recommend Dr. Mills and his staff. Besides being very professional, their love and understanding for Colt was amazing. They treated me like an old friend. I have another dog now, but if he ever needs a specialist, I would not hesitate to drive the 2 1/2 hours to go to Dr. Mills and Veterinary Dermatology And Allergy Centre.”

– Monica, Dent, MN

Jo and “Scoria”, a Pointer Mix from Milwaukee whose full recovery took less than a year:

Scoria a normal happy girl again!

“We adopted Scoria from the County Humane Society in 2006. On the second day we had her she appeared excessively itchy, constantly scratching at her hindquarters. By the end of her first month in our home she had lost most of the hair off her left hind leg and the pattern seemed to be extending around her butt and up her stomach.

A friend from Coon Rapids recommended Dr. Mills, who gave us a consultation over the phone as we live in Milwaukee. He first recommended we do a food trial. Unfortunately there was no improvement in her condition with trying the special food, so we brought Scoria to Minnesota to see Dr. Mills in person and have allergy testing done.

The allergy test revealed that Scoria was allergic to a lot of things, but mostly cotton, dust and storage mites. We started allergy shots based on the test results and immediately changed over her bed and anything else we could to non-cotton materials. We also started bathing her with a special shampoo and conditioner weekly. Between the shots, bathing and eliminating cotton from anywhere she sleeps, Scoria is now what I would call 'normal'. She has an even coating of fur all over and does not suffer from any abnormal or excessive itching.”

– Jo, Milwaukee, WI

Deb and “Shiloh”, an Akita with recurring skin infections, chronic ear infections, miserable itching and extensive hair loss who was diagnosed with severe food allergies:

Shiloh with severe bacterial skin infection prior to treatment.
Shiloh before
Shiloh 3 months after diagnosis of his food allergies and treatment.
Shiloh after

“We are so happy that Shiloh is not constantly itching or having ear infections. Here are before and after photos of Shiloh.”

– Deb, Ramsey, MN

Note from Dr. Mills:
After repeatedly treating with multiple courses of antibiotics and ear medications with no success, Deb decided to get to the root of the problem and contacted us. Shiloh was put on a 3-month food trial with a hypo-allergenic prescription food and treats. He improved greatly and when Deb “challenged” him back with his old food, we immediately discovered he had a severe food allergy. Shiloh is now on a strict diet of only hypo-allergenic food and treats and is now a friendly, happy boy again.

Ardy and "Sampson", a Ragdoll Cat with Atopic Dermatitis and Adverse Reaction To Foods:

Sampson thriving and all his hair has grown back!

“Approximately 4 years ago Sampson, my friendly, fluffy kitty began losing hair; the hair loss was quite significant and unsightly. He had profuse itching and scratching and was very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Dr Mills was recommended by Sampson's regular veterinarian. After a diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis (Allergies) and Adverse Reactions To Foods, and after a food trial and medications, Sampson's allergies were controlled. Throughout the several flare-up periods, Dr. Mills has actively monitored and assessed Sampson's condition. Detailed owner care plans were written for Sammy's treatment. Sampson is still being monitored and does receive medication, however he is thriving and all his hair has grown back. In summary, he is doing super! I realize he may experience more allergic reactions in the future, but I know Dr. Mills and staff will be at his side, assisting him and providing Sammy with the loving care he needs. A big thank you to all at Veterinary Dermatology And Allergy Centre. Without the expertise, wisdom, caring and compassion of Dr. Mills, Eva, Pat, Kaitlin, Ali and “Poppy”, Sampson would not be enjoying his carefree life and itch free days. He is once again a beautiful, handsome boy!”

– Ardy, Brooklyn Park, MN

Dave, Cheryl and "Buddy", a Jack Russell Terrier with Atopic Dermatitis:

“Buddy is our Jack Russell Terrier and is almost thirteen now, he has had allergy issues since he was 6 months old.   Seven years ago he had a terrible allergy 'attack' and chewed his paws bloody, scratched his belly raw and had almost scratched a hole completely through his ear! Our regular vet suggested that we go see Dr. Mills immediately to get Buddy the help he so desperately needed. Dr. Mills and his wonderful staff tested Buddy and created a plan for Buddy's short-term recovery and then for his long-term care. Buddy soon got better, and has been able to enjoy the past seven years generally 'itch-free'!

Dr. Mills straightforward approach to giving the least amount of medicine, physical care and vet visits necessary, while still producing the best possible result, has been instrumental in maintaining a great quality of life for our little 'Buddy'. We are so grateful that we found the Veterinary Dermatology And Allergy Centre!”

– Dave and Cheryl, Fridley, MN

Buddy truly seems to enjoy his visits to see Dr. Mills and his staff - as do we.

Diane and "Max", an Airedale Terrier with Sarcoptes scabiei var canis:

Finally enough hair for a haircut!
Close up of Sarcoptes parasites
Sarcoptes scabiei var canis

Max is a 4 year old Airedale, who had been itching for over 2 years. He was presented with intense itching, had a whole body skin infection and had lost a great deal of his coat from scratching. He was very uncomfortable. Skin scrapings were done and a parasite, Sarcoptes scabiei var canis was found. This parasite is highly contagious between man and animals. Most likely he obtained it from contact with an infested fox. Treatment consisted of a series of insecticidial injections and antibiotics over a course of 6 weeks. At the end of the treatment regime, he was his normal happy self. We received a message from the owner thanking us for all we did for Max, stating he is now 100% comfortable and all his hair has regrown!

– Diane, North Branch, MN

Sandy and “Rafa”, an Australian Labradoodle diagnosed with Sarcoptes scabiei var canis which the owner also contracted:

Sandy and Rafa
Sandy and Rafa

Rafa is my beloved four year old Australian Labradoodle. who developed intense itching that was tormenting him night and day for more than 2 months. His scratching created bloody scabs around his neck, chest and behind his ears. He was treated for allergies with prednisone and antihistamines. He became progressively worse with absolutely no relief in sight, despite increased dosages. Thank goodness I had heard about Dr. Mills and requested an appointment to try to find answers to his misery. Dr. Mills took the time to research Rafa’s entire medical history and listened to all the information I could provide about his symptoms and lifestyle. After examining Rafa, doing skin scrapes on the tips of his ears, within just a few minutes, he was able to demonstrate the mites and diagnose a Sarcoptes scabiei var canis mite infestation. Rafa also had a very positive pinnal pedal reflex done prior to the skin scraping. This parasitic infestation was probably contacted from a fox seen in my yard all winter. Rafa received treatment for the next 6 weeks and he is now completely free of mites and back to his old happy-go-lucky self! I am so grateful for the professional, competent and compassionate care of Dr. Mills and his staff. It feels like everyone is working hard to make Rafa well again and I have never had such conscientious care!

– Sandy, Shoreview, MN

Note from Dr. Mills:
Unfortunately as this parasitic infestation is zoonotic (transmitted between animals and man) the owner also contracted the parasite which caused her to be itchy as well, especially on her arms. Sandy contacted her own doctor for treatment. She is now all better and itch free as well!

Lori and "Dodge", a German Shepherd with severe allergies, now 98% more comfortable!

"Dodge", relaxing at our Dermatology Clinic.

Dr. Mills and Eva, you are my lifesavers or should I say Dodge's lifesavers! I adopted a rescue German Shepherd who had very bad environmental allergies. After checking out costs and procedures for allergy testing my fur baby Dodge, I decided to see Dr. Mills in Coon Rapids, MN. This was the best decision I ever made in caring for an animal! We went through skin testing and started allergy shots right away along with a drug Apoquel. Over an 18 month process, I have seen a great improvement. At 12 months into the process Dodge was taken off Apoquel and placed on a shot named Cytopoint. Cytopoint doesn't have any side effects as Apoquel may have. Dodge has finished his allergy desensitization injections and receives his Cytopoint injection approximately every 5 to 6 weeks to control his allergic flareups. Prior to having Dodge tested and treated, he would have lesions and bruises along with swollen areas on his body. He would keep me up all night nibbling, scratching and licking. Although the allergies will never go away, I have seen a 98% improvement. If I ever had to go through this process again, I would. It was worth the time and money for Dodge to feel better. Thank you so much Dr. Mills and Eva for saving Dodge's life!

– Lori, Elk River, MN